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logoENGWe have chosen Worldsource Financial Management Inc. as our dealer for mutual fund and GIC transactions. Leveraging this relationship, we are able to access Paterson & Associates, headed by David Paterson.  They are an independent consulting firm specializing in Asset Allocation and Mutual Fund research.  Paterson & Associates are not affiliated with any Mutual Fund Company, Mutual Fund Distributor, or any other firm.  This aids us in our unbiased research on behalf of our clients.  Their Asset Allocation models are based on the Nobel Prize winning techniques developed by Harry Markowitz.

About Worldsource Financial Management

Worldsource Financial Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Limited, one of Canada’s largest publicly traded investment companies, with $13.5 billion in assets under management. As one of Canada’s fastest growing wealth management and advisory companies, our sound history is complemented by a proven track record of accomplishment.

Today they support some of Canada’s most distinguished Investment Advisors, by allowing them to flourish in an environment that is free from the interference of corporate objectives.

About Gryphin Advantage

As a managing general agent, The Gryphin Advantage is dedicated to providing better opportunities to its associates through a determined focus on recognizing, understanding and satisfying their needs, expectations and demands.

The-Gryphin-Advantage-AboutIn order to streamline our process, we leverage our relationship with The Gryphin Advantage Inc., a Managing General Agent (MGA).  They are able to support our business tracking system and offer support on processing.  Through their relationships with various companies, we are able to access up to the date information and ideas to assist our clients in reaching their goals faster and more efficiently.

Independent Insurance Representative

We are contracted with over 11 insurance companies for life, critical illness, disability and health and dental plans.  Through these relationships we are able to access high level advisors in the area of estate planning, retirement planning and risk management.

As an independent insurance representative, I do not work for a bank, trust company or a captive agency. I work for my clients. When a client is looking for life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance or a group medical and dental plan, we go to the market and survey all the available companies to find the one that’s right for what the client needs. Clients can be assured they are getting unbiased recommendations. We do not have a sales quota to fill nor a product of the month to push. We are a client first office.

Separately Managed Accounts

As a Financial Planner at Worldsource Financial Management Inc. I may facilitate access to Separately Managed Accounts offered by WFM Partner Portfolio Managers by referring clients to the following wealth management firms

Forstrong Global Investment.

Forstrong ETF Managed Portfolios are revolutionizing the industry of customized portfolio management. Based on our fundamental view that index investing and active portfolio management are not mutually exclusive, our ETF Managed Portfolios incorporate the best of both; the active management of passive indexes.

Guardian Capital Advisors LP

Guardian Capital Group is a diversified financial services company with deep roots in Canada. We´ve been an active player in the investment community for more than 50 years. In that half-century, we´ve earned a reputation for solid performance through strong alliances and deep fundamental understanding of financial markets. We build wealth year by year – client by client, one trusted relationship at a time. Let us put our history to work for you.

Worldsource Financial Management Inc. has referral arrangements with registered Portfolio Managers and your Advisor may refer you to the Portfolio Managers with whom Worldsource has an agreement in place. Should you wish to obtain discretionary investment management services for some or all of your financial assets your Advisor will further provide you with Referral Arrangement Client Acknowledgement and Disclosure form. Please note that the Advisor is not licensed by securities regulators to provide any advice with respect to the trading in or the operation of Your account with the Portfolio Manager. Any information provided to You by the Advisor that describes the Services of the Portfolio Manager is information prepared by such Portfolio Manager. Neither Worldsource Financial Management Inc. nor the Advisor makes any representation or warranty as to its accuracy, completeness or usefulness for Your purposes. Once the referral is completed, the Portfolio Manager will provide all ongoing advice to you as it relates to Your assets invested with the Portfolio Manager and will be responsible for the operation of your managed account. On an ongoing basis the Portfolio Manager will manage the applicable investment account(s) according to the terms and conditions of an agreement between You and the Portfolio Manager. The Portfolio Manager will provide you with the necessary advice, trading and operational expertise required in this relationship.

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