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Retirement Coaching

To discover your retirement dream you need to take off your worldly glasses and put on the same glasses you wore as a five year old child, when the world was simple and absolutely wondrous, an unfolding adventure everyday, a place for playfulness and a place to build empires … Dr. Richard Johnson PHD

retired in a carYour retirement is not going to be like your parent’s. The whole notion of retirement has been radically changed. Formally we thought of retirement as the beginning of the end. Today we need to think of retirement as a new beginning.

The “Old Retirement” was viewed as more of a prolonged vacation that gave only shallow satisfaction, filled with idle busyness. Society viewed you as “over the hill” and no longer adding value to the world. Nobody wants to or deserves to be viewed this way.

The New Retirement now tells us that if you are currently 60 and married, one of the two of you have a 41% chance of living to age 90. The New Retiree may actually be “retired” longer than he or she actually worked. Moreover, the New Retiree fosters life enrichment, healthy self-ownership, physical wellness, healthy self-esteem and positive involvement. They can be said to have luster or purpose. This is called “a new beginning”

Good decisions come from good data. It is your choice to make your retirement successful and it’s not as complicated as you imagine it to be.

Senior Couple Enjoying Beach HolidayWhat is Retirement Coaching?

You’re Retiring … So Now What? You’ve been working and planning your entire life to achieve an ideal retirement lifestyle. How will you define your next life chapter?

Whether your are looking towards retirement, already retired or think the word should be retired, our Retirement Coaching Program using either the “Retirement Success Profile” (RSP)™ or the “Life Options Profile” (LOP)™ will help you generate options for a successful and enriching retirement lifestyle.

Retirement Coaching looks at how prepared you are for your retirement transition. The retirement decision is a very personal one. Each pre-retiree uses slightly different data in slightly different ways to make a decision of maximum personal value. This is the very reason why preretirement programs must be individualized. We work together on the 15 identified retirement success factors, highlighting your areas of strength and identifying your areas that require further attention. The transition to retirement is extremely stressful. By breaking it down into manageable pieces, we can reduce your stress and help you look forward to this wonderful time of your life.

How Does it Work?

You receive:Senior couple walking

      • Retirement Success Profile(RSP)™ or Life Options Profile (LOP)™ assessment tool plus a 21 page interpretive report
      • The New Retirement: Discovering your dream or What Color is Your Retirement: the LifeOptions guidebook to discover, plan and live your retirement dream both by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.
      • Up to six coaching sessions (45 minutes to 1 hour each)


Corporate Group Presentations

  • Half-day Seminars
  • Multi-day Seminars

Coaching (available in person or by teleconference)

  • Individuals
  • Couples


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