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Financial Planning

Retirement Planning:

easy chairWe gather information about you and your specific wants, needs and goals. Only after that, are we able to begin the process of addressing these areas and finding the appropriate solutions. Retirement planning has dramatically changed. At one time, it was easy to set a goal of a specific rate of return on your investment, but with an aging population and changing lifestyles, today we need to manage these plans on the probability of living much longer and lifestyle modifications.


  • RRSP’s
  • RESP’s
  • RIF’s
  • LIRA’s
  • LIF’s
  • Pension Rollouts
  • High Interest Accounts
  • Non-Registered savings
  • GIC’s
  • GIA’s
  • High Net Worth Planning
  • Group RRSP & Pension Plans
  • Segregated Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Severance Planning
  • Separately Managed Accounts

As a Financial Planner at Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI) I have developed a strategic business relationship with ACPI Partner Portfolio Managers providing investment management and advisory services to high net worth clients.  After reviewing your investment needs and objectives we can facilitates referrals to Guardian Capital Advisors LP or Forstrong Global Asset Management Inc. through WealthSimple who can provide customized wealth solutions  and personal portfolio manager consultation. You must decide for yourself if the Portfolio Manager is appropriate to provide the services for you. The  information below is general in nature and describes some of the benefits of discretionary investment management services, however, we do not makes any representation or warranty as to its accuracy, completeness or usefulness for your purposes. Should you be interested in further details we may facilitate access to professional Portfolio Managers.

Estate Planning:

Most people would agree that they want as much of their estate as possible to go to their designated beneficiaries and as little as possible to the government. A properly developed estate plan will assist in lowering potential taxes due at passing and speed the process of estate distribution. We are here to help you address this issue and work with your accountant and lawyer if needed.

Education Planning:

Mother and Daughter HuggingWe would always want the best for our children. One of the best ways to ensure a successful future for our children is to provide for an education. Tuition fees have dramatically increased over the past number of years and are expected to continue to increase. The government has programs to assist parents and grandparents in saving for their children’s education. We can help. We will sit down with you and together we will plan for your child’s future.

Charitable Giving:

Not only can you give to your favorite charity during your lifetime, you can also provide for them after passing. This can also help to lower your taxes at death.

Risk Management:

Life’s obstacles can thwart the best plans. It may be a premature death, a critical illness or a disability. Within moments a lifetime’s worth of saving can disappear. We work with you to help you understand these risks and how you can establish a program to avoid the potential devastation.

Business Continuation:

FAN2022949As a business owner, you may be a sole proprietor, have a partner or be incorporated. In the event of a life-altering incident, you would want to have a program in place to address the potential interruption that may occur and help banks, suppliers and customers feel comfortable that their risks are lowered.

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI) has referral arrangements with registered Portfolio Managers and your Advisor may refer you to the Portfolio Managers with whom ACPI has an agreement in place. Should you wish to obtain discretionary investment management services for some or all of your financial assets your Advisor will further provide you with Referral Arrangement Client Acknowledgement and Disclosure form. Please note that the Advisor is not licensed by securities regulators to provide any advice with respect to the trading in or the operation of Your account with the Portfolio Manager. Any information provided to You by the Advisor that describes the Services of the Portfolio Manager is information prepared by such Portfolio Manager. Neither Aligned Capital Partners Inc. nor the Advisor makes any representation or warranty as to its accuracy, completeness or usefulness for Your purposes. Once the referral is completed, the Portfolio Manager will provide all ongoing advice to you as it relates to Your assets invested with the Portfolio Manager and will be responsible for the operation of your managed account. On an ongoing basis the Portfolio Manager will manage the applicable investment account(s) according to the terms and conditions of an agreement between You and the Portfolio Manager. The Portfolio Manager will provide you with the necessary advice, trading and operational expertise required in this relationship.

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