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Imagine an investment firm giving wealth management professionals everything they need to build a truly independent practice. Aligned Capital Partners Inc. offers advisors a robust and innovative platform that not only services clients, but puts their needs and interests first.


Sean A. Straughan

Sean is an Independent Financial planner. Sean has a unique expertise in the area of investment planning for conservative clients. Sean believes that there are three keys to his job that help him work closely with clients to navigate through financial decisions comfortably.

First, he is direct. Sean works to be knowledgeable about clients and their family situation. Sean works to understand what clients want their money to do for them.

Second, Sean is their guide when clients need him. He will help clients navigate the many choices they have with their money and show them how to diversify their portfolio to maximize gains while minimizing losses.

Third, it’s all about the client. Sean wants to work with clients to build a personalized, long-term strategy that they follow and monitor together closely so that clients can maintain their lifestyle and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

We help people create an organized and diversified portfolio that will carry them comfortably through each life stage.


Referral Agreement Disclaimer

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI) has referral arrangements with registered Portfolio Managers and your Advisor may refer you to the Portfolio Managers with whom ACPI has an agreement in place. Should you wish to obtain discretionary investment management services for some or all of your financial assets your Advisor will further provide you with Referral Arrangement Client Acknowledgement and Disclosure form. Please note that the Advisor is not licensed by securities regulators to provide any advice with respect to the trading in or the operation of Your account with the Portfolio Manager. Any information provided to You by the Advisor that describes the Services of the Portfolio Manager is information prepared by such Portfolio Manager. Neither Aligned Capital Partners Inc. nor the Advisor makes any representation or warranty as to its accuracy, completeness or usefulness for Your purposes. Once the referral is completed, the Portfolio Manager will provide all ongoing advice to you as it relates to Your assets invested with the Portfolio Manager and will be responsible for the operation of your managed account. On an ongoing basis the Portfolio Manager will manage the applicable investment account(s) according to the terms and conditions of an agreement between You and the Portfolio Manager. The Portfolio Manager will provide you with the necessary advice, trading and operational expertise required in this relationship.

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Sean A. Straughan is registered to transact in securities in the province of Ontario.