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Sean A. Straughan, CFP®

Sean A. Straughan, is an independent Certified Financial Planner, licensed since 1994. Sean has a unique expertise in the area of investment and insurance planning for conservative clients. Sean believes that there are three keys to his job that help him work closely with clients to navigate through financial decisions comfortably.

First, he is direct. Sean works to be knowledgeable about clients and their family situation. Sean works to understand what clients want their money to do for them.

Second, Sean is their guide when clients need him. He will help clients navigate the many choices they have with their money and show them how to diversify their portfolio to maximize gains while minimizing losses.

Third, it’s all about the client. Sean wants to work with clients to build a personalized, long-term strategy that they follow and monitor together closely so that clients can maintain their lifestyle and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Sean is dual-licensed in the Province of Ontario.

As a licensed insurance agent, clients are able to access life insurance, critical illness insurance, accident and illness insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance. For business owners, Sean can provide group medical and dental plans.

Retirement Coaching

Sean’s  Retirement Coaching Program can help you easily transition into a successful and enriching retirement life.

Call us or drop us an email.  Whether you have a simple question or need the perfect solution to your financial future, we always look forward to hearing from you.

Our Partners

About Gryphin Advantage

As a managing general agent, The Gryphin Advantage is dedicated to providing better opportunities to its associates through a determined focus on recognizing, understanding and satisfying their needs, expectations and demands.

In order to streamline our process, we leverage our relationship with The Gryphin Advantage Inc., a Managing General Agent (MGA).  They are able to support our business tracking system and offer support on processing.  Through their relationships with various companies, we are able to access up to the date information and ideas to assist our clients in reaching their goals faster and more efficiently.

Independent Insurance Representative

We are contracted with over 11 insurance companies for life, critical illness, disability and health and dental plans.  Through these relationships we are able to access high level advisors in the area of estate planning, retirement planning and risk management.

As an independent insurance representative, I do not work for a bank, trust company or a captive agency. I work for my clients. When a client is looking for life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance or a group medical and dental plan, we go to the market and survey all the available companies to find the one that’s right for what the client needs. Clients can be assured they are getting unbiased recommendations. We do not have a sales quota to fill nor a product of the month to push. We are a client first office.